There is a force that is much more powerful than any addiction
That is the power of love in a family
We can do this together

About Addiction Family Resource

Addiction Family Resource was formed to help addicts and family members navigate through the recovery process and to save the lives of the many millions that are affected by the addiction problem plaguing the United States today.

Our Mission

Addiction Family Resource is an organization committed to raising the awareness of addiction and to improve national policy on a local, state and federal level, which includes prevention, treatment, recovery and criminal justice reform.

Our Role

Addiction Family Resource is a supporter of Addiction Policy Forum in Washington D.C. and many other organizations that are helping those suffering from addiction and their loved ones.

Diana and Mike Yoder, founders of Addiction Family Resource are the co-chairs of the Ohio Chapter of Addiction Policy Forum and sit on the APF National Advisory Board.

Mike and Diana understand the problem of addiction. They lost a total of nine family members to addiction over a period of a few years. They currently have several family members in the recovery process.

They have formed the Addiction Family Resource to help all those who are struggling with addiction; whether those suffering from addiction or their loved ones to get the help they need.

Visit the Addiction Resource Center or Call the ARC Help Line 24 hours a day 1-833-301-HELP (4357)